Equator to southern ocean westerlies – 2,800+ miles
Heading East of any South Pacific tropical activity and West of the eastern South Pacific high pressure cell. We’ll be watching out for tropicals moving SE from Tonga and merging with a cold front which can produce big storms.
Estimated time: 20 days

To Cape Horn – 2,000 miles
I will be watching for a sharp water temperature drop and begin to watch out for ice, so will not want to head too far S too soon.
Estimated time: 11 days

Cape Horn to S of South Africa – 3,400 miles
Ice is a concern so I may have to go as far north as just E of the Falkland Islands. This is a tough and potentially very stormy leg.
Estimated time: 17-21 days

South Africa to N of the Kerguelen Islands - 2,100 miles
Another ice hazard area so we may have to route north of the Kerguelens.
Estimated time: 10 to 16 days

N of the Kerguelens to S of Cape Leeuwin, SW Australia – a little over 2,100 miles
Must watch out for tropical storms moving S and SE near 80-100E. This is prime time for this to occur and when they merge with a cold front, you can get a monster low. We will need to try to keep in the westerlies and avoid head winds here!
Estimated time: 10-16 days

S of Australia to E of South Island, NZ - a little over 2,200 miles
Can be very stormy this time of year and we will need to worry about ice. If it is really stormy we will go W of NZ and through the Tasman Sea. This can be upwind from NZ to Tahiti, so we would prefer a more easterly route.
Estimated time: 11 to 17 days

NZ to Tahiti – just over ,500 miles
The tropical season will be winding down by the time I arrive here. There can be big cold fronts, big high pressure areas, and strong lows and so this could be a tricky area.
Estimated time: 17 days

Tahiti to Hawaii - 2,500 miles
There are different ways to tackle this leg, but our choice will likely be to go to Hawaii because of the good wind angles. The strongest winds are ENE and NE winds N of the equator/N of the doldrums and we can stay E of the rhumb line to set up for these winds. This won’t be an easy leg, but the easiest since we headed S for the South Pacific westerlies.
Estimated time: 18 days

Hawaii to Southern CA – 2,800 miles via great circle (actual length much longer than that)
This leg is nothing more than a delivery back to southern CA after the Transpac or Pacific Cup. I will need to go N or NNW out of Hawaii until we get into the westerlies which may be as far N as 40-42N and then we turn E or SE towards Southern CA.
Estimated time: 18-20 days

Approximate time for non-stop circumnavigation: 150-170 days