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How We're Different

Roll over a character at Lucky Kat World and hear something positive!

Have you ever heard, "You are what you THINK!"? Kids are like sponges so we want to give them good food for thought! When kids are playing on Lucky Kat World they’ll hear positive messages, play fun games and perhaps learn something new like LK4.

LK4 is a simple four step process that helps develop a child's critical thinking skills in a fun new way!

    Create your own dreams! They can be big or small, but they all start as ideas!
    Have faith in yourself and believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!
  • PLAN IT!
    Make a step-by-step plan on how you will accomplish your dream!
  • DO IT!
    Go for it! Follow your plan and make it happen!
Children learn and practice LK4 while having fun!
  • Exploring the 7 continents of the world on the Cruise Ship Adventure
  • Spending their virtual coins to create their own island paradise
  • Taking on the challenge of making an LK4 video for LK


Once LK Club Members complete their Cruise Ship Adventure, they’ll receive their Global Ambassador Certificate and unlock Katville. Katville is LK’s virtual island playground where kids can create their own Island Paradise! There’s even more on the way! Coming soon, kids will be able to make their island look like any continent they visited on their Cruise Ship Adventure!

LK in Action!
  • Start with a DREAM or idea as to what they want to create and build
  • BELIEVE they can earn enough coins to make it happen and create what they imagined
  • Make a PLAN and decide what they want to buy, how many coins they’ll need to earn and even what games they want to play!
  • DO IT! Dive right in and start playing. It doesn’t take them long to realize how important it is to have goals and a plan to create the perfect island paradise.

Video Content - LKTV Coming in 2015

The Lucky Kat TV experience also includes the opportunity to put LK4 into action through video.

Kids are encouraged to use the 4 steps to create their own video content for Lucky Kat’s online television station, LK. This interactive element offers youth a productive and responsible way to participate in picture and video sharing on the web in a safe, one-way environment.

If they can dream it, they can do it! The goal is to start with an idea and end with a video they can be proud of! Users will have three options when they upload a video:

  • Password protected
  • Viewable to LK Club members
  • Viewable to the public
(See LKTV for a more complete list of video guidelines and procedures.)


  • Interview one of their heroes using LK4
  • Report on actual or make believe events
  • Explain and demonstrate a school project
  • Write and star with their friends in a short play
  • Make a commercial about a real or made up product
  • Demonstrate playing a musical instrument

Our Partners

15,000 Officers strong in the U.S.A.
Operating in 44 countries

Retro Bill (a.k.a. Bill Russ) Inspirational speaker
Co-creator of The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character

Educational Consultants

Dr. Mikel J. Harry
Co-creator of Six Sigma
Author of "The Great Discovery" program

Scott Gilliam
Director of Training
D.A.R.E. America

Anita Bryan
D.A.R.E. America

Jamie Cummings
Elementary School Teacher

Kristin Lopez
Elementary School Teacher

Lucky Kat World welcomes feedback from parents, guardians and education professionals.

Please email your comments to comments@luckykatworld.com.

About Us

Got GC?! Click the GC button and find out!

At Lucky Kat World, our goal is to make Good Character cool!

Good Character is Cool!

One of the primary keys to bullying prevention is character education. So began our mission to bring kids a fun website where they would have a blast playing games and hear positive and encouraging messages while they explore and learn. Every time a child clicks a red GC button, they’ll see how having good character traits can help them with just about anything they do!

The adventures at LKW begin on Katalina Island, a tropical paradise with games, puzzles, brain teasers, crazy photos, coloring pages, cruise ship adventures, secret missions, creative activities that use your imagination and more!

The more coins kids win, the more they can build in their Katville virtual world. The more destinations they unlock, the more diverse their Katville can become! Along the way, they’re introduced to the LK4; a simple 4 step critical thinking skills model they can use everyday. Dream It! Believe It! Plan It! Do It!

Safety First

Safety comes first at LKW. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from kids so no personal information can ever be shared with a third party. Parents can trust that their children are playing in a safe on-line environment at all times.

LKW also does not allow kids to interact and converse with one another on the site. However, LKW encourages safe and healthy competition by allowing players to compete against other players’ high scores.

LKW is an edutainment website carefully designed with the balanced mix of fun games and educational activities to keep children engaged while learning. LK educational content reinforces classroom lessons in character education, reading comprehension, math, science, history, geography and fine arts. See National Standards and Common Core in the LKW footer for more information.

Lucky Kat World is a the proud recipient of the Parents' Choice award, Mom’s Choice Award, Academics’ Choice Award, Mr. Dad Award and has been granted the prestigious Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval.

Our Company

The Lucky Kat World (LKW) and Lucky Kat TV (LKTV) websites are owned by Lucky Kats, Inc. in Los Angeles. Both properties operate out of their LKTV Production Studios in Glendale, CA.

Mailing Address
121 W. Lexington Drive, Suite 232
Glendale, CA 91203
Toll Free: 1-855-LK-4-KIDS