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Why Are People Wearing Orange?

Written by  LKW Staff
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Unity Day is October 21st.  Join your family, friends and neighbors and stand united against bullying.  Wear orange this Wednesday to show your support.

You may remember a day last October when you noticed numerous people were wearing orange.  It’s possible that it was for Halloween and people were simply being festive.  Another possible reason for all the orange is Unity Day.  Pacer started Unity Day back in 2011 with the hope that everyone would stand united against bullying.  In fact, the whole month of October is Bullying Prevention Month.  Unity Day is on October 21, so if you want to stand united with others to prevent bullying, you can wear orange and show your support for the cause. 

In 2006, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center founded the National Bullying Prevention campaign.  Since then the movement has expanded from one week to the entire month of October and is recognized all across the United States.  In 2011, Pacer began to sponsor Unity Day as part of the month long campaign and encouraged people everywhere to get involved.  According to Pacer, the main objective of Unity Day is to send a “message of support, hope, and unity to show that we are united against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.”

Good character is at the heart of our mission at Lucky Kat World.  There is a direct correlation between good character and bullying prevention.  Certain character traits that are considered to be part of a character education curriculum directly relate to behaviors that are relevant to bullying prevention.  Tolerance, compassion, empathy, and kindness are just a few.

If your child has been bullied then you’ll agree that this is a problem that needs to stop.  As much as we might love to, we can’t be with our kids 24 hours a day.  Whether a child is a bully, a victim, or simply a bystander, we can’t assume that they will all know the difference between which behaviors are appropriate and which are not.  It’s unfortunate, but some kids still haven’t received the proper education about good character, including messages about anti-bullying.  This is a problem that we can change.  What we can do as parents and adults is encourage and model the behavior that we want them to exhibit.  

If your child’s school has activities planned, encourage them to participate.  Communicate with them and discuss bullying so they know how to handle the situation if it should ever present itself.  If you are a volunteer at your school, wear orange.  Inform others and remind them to wear any article of orange.  It could be a pair of socks, a bracelet, a hat, or a hair bow.  Post reminders on your Facebook wall and Twitter page.  Post pictures of your activities using #unityday2015. 

For great games and activities that promote good character and support bullying prevention, check out Lucky Kat World.    Use PROMO CODE: UNITY to receive a FREE One Month Lucky Kat Club Membership when you sign up for a new account or upgrade your child’s free account on October 21st. 

For help in teaching your children how to recognize and stand up to bullying, you can purchase Lucky Kat World’s “Stand Up To Bullying” app in iTunes or buy the 7 minute interactive DVD  in the Lucky Kat World Store  or on Amazon.     

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For more information on Unity Day or National Bullying Prevention Month check out the Pacer website.


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