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Growing Up as the Older Sister

Written by  Rebecca Brown
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Isn't it crazy how we are constantly changing?  I am 19 and the oldest of three girls.  Growing up with two sisters was quite the experience.  Each one of us has a very different and unique personality.  As you can imagine, as with any siblings, we had our arguments, but we also share a very special relationship.

I recently moved away from home and started building a life of my own.  Not being there for my sisters has been extremely hard for me.  Talking to them on the phone is often the highlight of my day. 

Just last week, my youngest sister mentioned something about starting her freshman year and expressed her worries about the new school. I realized how fast time was flying because it seems like just yesterday when she was starting kindergarten. I saw the days when she dressed herself in princess clothes and mismatching socks.  Now it takes her forever to get ready because every hair has to be in place. I was there when she learned to ride a bike, developed her sense of style, and had her first crush. I held her when we found out that my dad had cancer and she cried for days. 

While both my parents were working, I assumed the mother role; taking my sisters to school, cleaning, making dinner, helping with homework and projects, giving advice for everything from clothes to boys.  I remember watching both of my sisters grow into the beautiful young ladies they are today.  It's hard to believe in just a few short years; even my youngest sister will be my age, starting a life of her own.  I am so proud of both of them and their achievements.

I’ve had a lot of fun working on LK’s fundraising team this past summer.  Talking to moms and playing the games myself, I was quickly reminded that our character can be seen in everything we do.  I had two little sisters watching every move I made, so it was imperative that I made good choices.  When you’re growing up, you don’t always think about your choices being part of your character.  As the oldest child, I didn’t necessarily realize how much influence my actions had on my siblings.  I think it's great that Lucky Kat is here to help instill good character in kids and even remind us “older kids” that our character, good or bad, will impact our siblings.

So as this school year starts and we all go back to our busy fall schedules, remember that we are influencing everyone around us and Good Character is key! 

Have a blessed day!


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