Tuesday, 01 September 2015 15:21

Fundraising Made Easy with Lucky Kat World!

Written by  Tammy Schroeder
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It’s that time of year again!  Your kids have only been in school for a week and you’re already receiving fundraising notices!

As you thumb through the latest fundraising catalog, you try to figure out what you can possibly use this time around … a new recipe holder … wrapping paper … cookie dough … a picture frame … perhaps a new apron.  

What if you could help support your school and help yourself and your kids at the same time?  Be your school’s hero!  Take a moment to watch this short video and see how a Lucky Kat World fundraiser can raise money for your school; give your children something they will love to play and give you peace of mind to know their screen time will actually help improve their character!

Parents!  Fundraising Made Easy with LKW!

Do your kids play video games?  Online or mobile, LKW offers fun video games and activities that will benefit your school!

You’re not on the PTA board?  You don’t have any say in what fundraisers your school selects?         You’re all on the same team.  Your school needs money and they need to engage parents.  Share this email link with your PTA/PTO and your fellow parents.  It’s so easy, even the busiest families can participate!  Anyone can sign your school up for a fundraising account.  You just share your fundraising link with your fellow parents and every time a family buys a membership, your school will earn up to 50%!

If you have 300 students in your school and each parent sold one 6 month or 12 month membership, your school would earn $3,600 - $6,900!  There are 1 and 3 month memberships available as well.   Imagine this … a fundraising campaign by text!  Text your fundraising link and watch your fundraising dollars grow overnight!  Funding is immediate!



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