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Make an Easter Bunny Cake in Five Simple Steps!

Written by  LKW Staff
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I love to make a bunny cake every year for Easter.  It doesn’t require any special pans or extra supplies.  All you need is 2 round pans, cake mix, and frosting.  You can use Easter candy to add the final touches.  I usually bake the cake and assemble the bunny myself, and then let my kids come in and help when I’m ready to frost and decorate.  I let one child frost and decorate the ears, and let the other two tackle the face and the bow tie.  It’s a great family tradition and an opportunity to bond and discuss the the reason that we celebrate Easter.  I hope you enjoy making this bunny cake as much as I do.

1.  Prepare cake mix as directed and bake either two eight inch or two nine inch cake pans.

2.  After cakes have cooled, remove them from pans. 

3.  Take one of the round cakes and cut out each side in the shape of an arc as shown in the picture.  The sides will be the ears and the middle will be the bow tie.  The other round cake will be the face.

4.  Place the face, ears, and bow tie on a platter.  You can also use a cookie sheet or a large cutting board if you don’t have a rectangular platter.

5.  Frost the entire cake with your choice of frosting and decorate it! 

Get your kids involved and give your bunny eyes, a nose, whiskers, and a mouth.  You can use jelly beans, sprinkles, licorice, or even different color frosting to give your Easter Bunny personality.  Send a picture of your cake to and I’ll post it on our Facebook page.  Happy Easter!

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