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7 Fun Ways to Get Active on Snow Days

Written by  LKW Staff
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At this time of year weather patterns are so diverse across the country.  It’s sunny in Southern California, while most of the Northeast is buried in snow.  Regardless of where we live, there’s bound to be days where we are confined indoors because the weather outside just isn't cooperating.  These days can really take a toll on my little ones, who need about two hours of energy release each day.  This list of ideas always helps my kids get some exercise on those indoor days.

1. Talent Show

A rainy or snowy day is the perfect excuse to break out microphones and dance to our favorite tunes.  We create costumes and props to use for our show.  This is also a good time to work on dances my kids might not be familiar with, like the Limbo or Conga Line.  My daughter usually likes to choreograph her own dances.

2. Obstacle Course

When I’m are looking for a new way to have some fun inside, I create an obstacle course that involves jumping, crawling, rolling, climbing and skipping.  Sometimes I use paper plates or taped shapes for indoor hopscotch and tunnels made out of cushions to crawl through.

3. Play Ball

I’m notorious for telling my wee ones not to throw the ball inside the house, but balloons are excellent alternatives when going outside simply isn't an option.  I usually always have some handy that are left over from a party.  Of course I have to clear out some space to play catch so we don’t break anything..

4. Scavenger Hunt

With some planning, I love to create a series of clues that lead the kids around the house to find a special prize at the end.  This will certainly get them moving and thinking at the same time.  In order to prevent too much competition between them, I usually break the family into teams.

5. Clean Up

Some days can be so quiet that I can even turn cleaning into a fun activity.  I simply set up a timer to see who can clean up their bedroom the quickest.  I’ll admit, this seems to be their least favorite.

6. Indoor Carnival

Who doesn’t love a carnival, right?  I set up carnival games that I know my kids will enjoy, like a ball toss to knock down stacks of (unbreakable) containers.  I set up a bowling alley in the hallway or create an indoor golf course.  I try to stock up on small prizes and treats ahead of time for this activity.

7. Board Games - with a Twist

When it's time to sit down with our favorite family board games, I put a new spin on it.  For instance, every time we have to pay rent in Monopoly we have to do 10 jumping jacks or something like that.  This puts a new spin on a traditionally sedentary activity.

Rainy days don't have to be a drag. We can really get moving inside when we incorporate a few of our favorite activities.  It a good feeling to know that my family can stay active and fit without even leaving the house. 


I’d love to hear comments from other people about how they get their family moving when they are stuck indoors.

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