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Reach Your Goals with the LK4- Part 2

Written by  Natalie Tavares
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Earlier this month, I set out to achieve my goal of hosting Christmas Eve using the LK4.  In case you aren’t familiar, the LK4 is a simple four step process that kids (and adults!) can use to achieve their goals.

Dream It!     

Believe It!  

Plan It! 

Do It! 

Just as I hoped and planned, Christmas Eve went great.  The best part is, something else happened in the process.  As I’m sure many of you know, sometimes our kids can teach and inspire us while we are trying to do just that for them.   This is one of those times. 

My whole point in using the LK4 was to show them that setting a goal and achieving it is doable and they are more than capable.  For the longest time, I was so used to saying “I’m too busy this year” or “I’m too tired” but one day I decided I wasn’t going to make excuses any more.  I don’t want my kids to get used to making excuses and coming up with reasons why they can’t do something.

I ended up being rewarded in so many ways, when all I was trying to do was host Christmas Eve.  Once I got started, things just fell into place.  I made a list of things I need to do myself, and things that I could delegate to other people.  At some point I knew that I had to ask for help.  I ended up delegating the cooking and baking to other people.  If this means catering to you then that’s fine.  It turns out, when you ask for help, people are more than happy to oblige!

One of the most difficult things for me to knock off of my list is the shopping.  I know some people dread shopping, but I absolutely love getting gifts for other people.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to actually decide on a gift, but I love to spot just the right thing, bring it home, wrap it up and place it under the tree.  As much as I love gifting- it’s still the most difficult.  I have three kids and they all have their own activities.  I guess if I could squeeze in shopping between soccer practice, class parties, and dance lessons then things would be great.  Let’s face it- I don’t.  In fact, I don’t have time for anything in between!

I took full advantage of the online deals that ship for free if you order a minimum amount.   I used promo codes for an extra percent off the total whenever possible. Although I did decide to get most gifts online I still pushed the limit and waited until the last possible date to get Christmas delivery on a few things, but everything was under the tree and ready for Christmas and that was my goal.

Another dreaded obstacle I had to tackle was the cleaning.  The everyday cleaning of the floor and the laundry and the toys.  I was only expecting close friends and family so I did what I could and that was that.  I think anyone that knows me well enough knows that I have three kids and three dogs, so don’t expect perfection.  

So Christmas Eve went great.  Everyone had a great time and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  After everyone left, I sat down and realized something.  I set out to give my kids an example of how to set a goal and reach it, and it worked!  When I want or need to get something done, I just do it, usually without any sort of plan.  It turns out, setting the goal and planning it out makes the goal much more attainable.  I was surprised at how smoothly things turned out.

As I head into this New Year, I look forward to new opportunities to share lessons with my kids and more opportunities to show them how to use LK4.  Dream it! Believe it! Plan it! Do it!   It really does work!


Happy  New Year!

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