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Happy Father's Day, Dad! Featured

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I noticed you have a cupboard full of "#1 Dad" mugs, and the other day when I was hiding in your closet I couldn't help but see your pile of "World's Greatest Dad" t-shirts. Later, as I was stashing my bike in the garage, I came upon a stack of unopened golf balls that will keep you in the game for the next 10 years. Let's face it dad, you have everything you need. So this Father's Day I'm giving you a better gift: the gift of admiration and appreciation.

You know I love you, Dad, because I tell you every day. But I don't always show it. Maybe you don't feel my love when I complain about taking out the garbage or pull my sister's hair. Or when I whine about wanting to stay up later or watch more T.V. But the truth is, I think you're the best, Dad. You're the best because you're always there for me. Even when you come home and the house is a mess because we made forts in the living room, you always have a smile and a hug. I know you had a busy day, but you always say yes when I ask you to shoot hoops after dinner, and you even let me shoot twice during our games of "Pig."

I love our drives to soccer practice because it's just you and me, Dad, and we can talk about anything. You taught me that sometimes it's okay to just crank up the tunes and relax. I'm always full of questions, like "How many people would it take to make a human tower that reaches the sun?" or "Why don't we go to school Saturday and Sunday and have Monday through Friday off?" Instead of laughing at me, you tilt you head to the side and think on it, then give me your honest opinion.

Whenever I spend time with you, you're teaching me how to be a good person. Even when you get frustrated and make that funny face, I'm learning how to be a good adult. I love all the things you teach me, like how to mow the lawn, plant the garden and identify birds that come to feeder. You're always doing interesting things which is why when I grow up, Dad, I want to be just like you because you're the nicest Dad I know. I'm the luckiest kid in our neighborhood, but I don't like to boast about it because you told me once that boasting only makes me look bad.

I know I'm not perfect, Dad, and I make a lot of mistakes (like when I put a rock in the garbage disposal), but I try to be good just like you. So my Father's Day gift to you is this: Thank you for being my dad!

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