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Setting a Good Example

Written by  Natalie Tavares
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As a mom I spend a good deal of time thinking about what my kids are learning and how their behavior is a reflection of me to some extent. As a parent, I have the biggest influence on my kids so I realize that I am responsible for their character development as well as their values.

I know other parents will relate when I say that I can tell either one of my three kids to do or not to do something repeatedly, however simple or complex it may be, but unless I practice what I preach they really aren’t hearing any of it. If I ask them to make their beds, take their dishes to the sink, or clean up their mess, I know that the best way to get them to do it is to teach them by example. Yes, that means I have to do it myself as well and it also means that when they are small I have to do it for them over and over until they are old enough to physically do the task at hand. Sometimes this is much easier said than done as many parents can attest to. So if I want to have a piece of candy right before dinner or whatever bad habit(I promise there are only a few) I don’t want them to repeat, then I have to make a choice to either do it discreetly or follow my own rules and not do it at all.

It’s not always this simple. Sometimes parents are forced to make choices that are quite difficult and often the way you react to these situations sticks with your child whether they are conscious of it or not. You might see someone that needs help with their bags or maybe you see someone that drops money or leaves their wallet behind. What you do in these situations will make a big impact on your child’s developing character and their value system. In all honesty, I’m not a professional in human behavior or human development, but I am an experienced parent who has witnessed firsthand that in many ways our children are a reflection of their parents. We won’t always have complete control of all of the factors that influence their behavior and their future, but we can do our best to make sure that they have a positive attitude and good values to build on.

That's one of the reasons I like my kids to play on It reinforces some of the values I'm teaching them at home.

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