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What happened to Thanksgiving?

Written by  Tammy
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Christmas Tree Lot

Wow! I don't even know why I'm surprised but as I rounded the corner on my way to work, I found myself staring at a Christmas Tree lot. I knew the pumpkin patch would transform into a Christmas Tree lot but the Christmas Tree banners were already up and people were working inside this week. Really??? It's still a few weeks until Thanksgiving! Probably like a lot of people, my immediate reaction when I got to my destination was to text a close friend and say ... really????? Am I the only one that thinks it's waaay too early for this?

Seems it's not the only thing signaling the holidays are coming fast. I am completely turned upside down this week with the time change. Why is it that every time the clock falls back an hour, I feel like I lose half my work day? As soon as it starts getting dark outside, I feel like I should be wrapping up work and thinking about what's for dinner. Then I realize I still have a couple more hours to work!

But the shorter days also make it feel like the holidays to me so maybe the Christmas Tree lot isn't that far fetched. Can you really "feel" the holidays in the air? I think I do! But I'm not ready yet! I am so busy with work and we have so many soccer games on the schedule, the idea of planning for a big Thanksgiving dinner, decorating the house and yard, baking and shopping ... well it's a bit overwhelming! Think how much work we cram into these last 2 months of the year?! But the truth is, I absolutely love it all! It's my favorite time of the year and I enjoy (almost) every minute of it!

This past weekend, the Hallmark Channel started playing Christmas movies. (They seem to start earlier every year!) I had the great pleasure of having my mom in town visiting and that's one of our favorite favorite mother/daughter activities at the holidays. Admittedly, it didn't really put either of us "in the mood" for Christmas yet but it certainly made for an enjoyable weekend. I chucked when my best friend told me that she and her daughter did the same thing this past weekend. Guess we can all complain that it's too early but we still join in and enjoy the warm and happy stories of Christmas, even when it's 75 degrees outside!

Love to see everyone post the earliest signs of Christmas in their neighborhoods! In the meantime, I love the fall colors, Thanksgiving and certainly the meaning behind it. So for now, I'm going to try and concentrate on one holiday at a time!

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