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Celebrating Father's Day

Written by  Renee Lees
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There are two days a year Moms can claim the title “Queen” for the day, birthday and Mother’s Day. That being said, on Father’s Day, Dads can and should claim the same. Of course, their title would change to “King” for the day. King for the day...that leaves a wide variety of options to shower Dad with love and affection on one of his most important days of the year.

Here are some ideas that surely make Father’s Day memorable!

  • What dad would pass up the opportunity to have breakfast in bed? Bacon & eggs, breakfast burrito or even a bowl of cereal, nothing starts off Father’s Day like food and a cup of Joe! Maybe even throw in the slippers and Sunday morning newspaper.
  • From homemade cards to BBQ sets, from neckties to new golf balls, gifts can range drastically depending on the age of your child. For some, purchased gifts are always great, but for most the creativity and love that goes into a gift speaks volumes.
  • Movie Time - If your kid hasn’t yet been introduced to America’s favorite superhero then this is the perfect weekend to go see Man of Steel.
  • A day at the park is always a plus. Picnics and outdoor sports are great ways spend the day.
  • Kids love to make works of art for their dads, so how about a project made together? Many hobby stores have a variety of crafts to create.
  • With the age of DS’s, smart phones, tablets and anything else beginning with an ‘i’, it is easy to sit down and play a simple video game. That is if you can keep up with how advanced your child is with technology. If nothing else, just watching your kid play games on Lucky Kat World will be a fun experience.

It’s Father’s Day, a time to celebrate fatherhood and the special relationship between a father and his children. Whatever activity is chosen, it is sure to be a great day for the most important man in a child’s life.

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-Renee Lees

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