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Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Written by  Holly Mechsner
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What does Mother’s Day mean to you?  When I was little, it revolved around mom in some fashion, possibly involving a meal out after church with cards and flowers, but it certainly wasn't a day off for mom; I can see that now.  Mom’s job is never-ending; whether it’s shuttling everyone to and from that special lunch or cleaning up the mess the kids made while preparing her breakfast in bed.  The pressure is always on and the thank-yous seem to be few and far between.

Occasionally someone would jokingly ask, “Why isn't there a Children’s Day?”  This would receive the inevitable response, “Because every day is children’s day!”  This is something most children don’t tend to realize until they’re much older, and possibly not until they have children of their own.  So why aren't moms more appreciated?  Perhaps it’s because the best moms seem to be always there, always knowing what’s needed almost before it’s requested.  Whether she works in an office or is a stay-at-home mom, she always makes time to listen to stories, help with projects, and cuddle and wipe the tears away.  When these super powers are exhibited every day, they tend to become the norm, expected, and occasionally, unappreciated.

So what’s to be done to correct this?  Dads, please make sure that your kids appreciate everything that Mom does.  Moms are pretty good at making Dad look like a hero every day; try to do this same for her.  And Moms – hang in there!  If nothing else, remember that at the very least they’ll finally get it when they have kids of their own!

What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day memories and traditions?  Post them here on this blog at so we can share them with everyone, or post them on our Facebook page at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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