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Together Retro Bill & Lucky Kat World Pack a Powerful Anti-Punch: “The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character” DVD

Written by  Diane Parker Meehl
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“Mom – you wanna know what my coach said about _______  ?” (Insert some topic about which I’ve talked to my kids countless times.)

I’ve noticed this funny little habit about my kiddos.  I can tell them something a zillion times while they roll their eyes and murmur a half-hearted, “Ok, Mom.”  But the moment a teacher, coach or friend’s parent affirms the same message, suddenly, it’s brilliant.  Why is that??

Kids’ penchant for listening to other role models and mentors is the reason I’m so grateful for advocates like Retro Bill.   Just in case this generation’s “Mr. Rogers” hasn’t visited your school yet, Retro Bill is the nation’s busiest, zaniest children’s motivational speaker.  Travelling to schools across the nation most of the year, he serves up a serious message with a generous dollop of fun, empowering kids to make good choices, stay safe, and respect others.  (Everything I’ve said countless times, in other words.  But Retro Bill makes it a lot more interesting!)

Now Retro Bill and Lucky Kat World are thrilled to release their first joint project, a DVD starring Retro Bill and Lucky Kat and Lexie Kat.  You heard that right – fulfilling one of Retro Bill’s long-time dreams, the DVD combines Retro Bill’s signature fast-paced live action with animation for a wild ride kids (and parents and teachers) are certain to love!

Wondering Retro Bill and his dynamic duo partners, Lucky Kat and Lexie Kat, promote for kids in The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character?  Check these out:



Golden Rule



Own It!

Never Give Up!

Most parents I know try hard to teach and model these traits each day.  And of course, most schools also implement character programs designed to reinforce (or even introduce) them.  And as Retro Bill points out, when we teach tolerance for people’s differences, we’re less likely to engage in behaviors that lead to bullying – or unwanted physical contact, intimidation or negative attention.  (Truth be told, I know some adults who could benefit from this DVD!)

So what’s different about Retro Bill’s message?  It’s the second part of “Right – ON,” which stands for “Own It” and “Never Give Up.”  When we teach our kids to take responsibility for their behaviors, we’re empowering them with a lifelong lesson.  What they say and do in every interpersonal interaction counts. And challenging them to “Never Give Up” reinforces that while none of us are perfect, we can continue to work toward embracing these traits every day.

Every child has the power to make good or bad choices that define their character and underwrite their accomplishments. And when kids practice those 7 RIGHT ONs, they amp up their own self-esteem, because making right choices always feel better.  And increased self-esteem, practiced with humility, can only help them grow into the confident, kind, generous and productive adults every parent hopes for.

So thanks Retro Bill and Lucky and Lexie Kat for making my job so much easier!  And parents, if you’d like to pre-order a copy for yourself or to give to a school, please visit



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