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Vocabulary, Comprehension & FUN: There’s an “APP” for that – it’s Daren’s Donuts!

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“It’s addicting.”

That’s what my 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, declared when she’d fired up her iPad and downloaded Lucky Kat World’s brand new game, Daren’s Donuts. On special now for just .99 cents, the game is inspired by everyone’s old-time favorite, “Hangman.” (We’d come up with a more politically correct name for that one these days, but I digress.)

Since I’m a resident mama blogger here at Lucky Kat World, you can’t exactly count on me for an unbiased opinion. My daughter however – well, she’s one tough critic. With strict instructions to give it to me straight, she carefully reviewed the game’s features and benefits like a finicky baker sourcing the finest ingredients. After a half hour of purposeful playtime, she gave Daren’s Donuts a rousing thumbs-up.

I’m glad about that because let’s face it – she also finds certain TV shows and games addicting that have far less educational value!! My resident 5th grader thinks she’s having fun, but she’s accomplishing two things: first, she’s building her vocabulary; and second, she’s not fighting with her brother or sister. (Which means she’s accomplishing something else – peace for mama. I wish there were more “Apps” for that!)

Daren’s Donuts: The lowdown before you download

  • Daren’s Donuts challenges kids (according to Lauren, perfect for kids ages 7 – 10) to guess the correct word in each round by choosing letters with one touch, one at a time, just like in Hangman.
  • For visual reinforcement, Daren, Lucky Kat’s resident gentle lion with an important message - stands beside a stack of 10 mouth-watering donuts. Each time the player chooses a correct letter, it appears into its proper space; when an incorrect letter is chosen, Daren loses a donut.
  • In his throaty, commanding voice, Daren offers encouragement throughout and a roaring cheer when the correct word is completed.
  • Hints are offered along with each word if a child gets stuck. My little gal loves to challenge herself, so she didn’t click on the hint until those donuts were really starting to get depleted. For example, a hint might read, “A fish that can generate electricity,” for the word, eel. Another example includes, “A vegetable that looks like a tree,” for the word, broccoli.
  • The player can miss 9 times and still win the round – and there are 200 possible rounds to play.

Daren’s Donuts is available on Lucky Kat’s website and also from iTunes. The game is formatted to download onto an iPad or Smartphone. Both mother and daughter agree – Daren’s Donuts is educational and FUN, not to mention a wise way to spend .99 cents!

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