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Battling Boredom

Written by  Natalie Tavares
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I always feel a sense of relief on the last day of school. Until the next school year starts, I get a break from carpools, making lunches, monitoring homework, being a room mom, PTO duties, and the rest of the things that I sign up for during the school year. After a few days of being home all day with the kids, the feeling of relief vanishes almost instantly when I hear the dreaded words: “I’m bored.”

I know some families who spend most of the summer out of town, but for typical families like mine, summer means that my three kids are home with me all day long. If we go out on a day trip that keeps us out of the house for the entire day, they won’t get bored. Most days we are home for at least some length of time, and for some reason, no matter the circumstances, we can’t get through a single day without some sort of sibling rift or someone complaining of boredom.

So I ask myself what I can do to tackle this so called boredom. While I hope that they will just find something to keep themselves busy on their own, I really want them do something stimulating so they can make a smooth transition into learning new material when school starts again. I don’t want them sitting in front of the TV or playing video games all day long.

I think it’s important to have some balance between structured time and free time. Regardless of their age, all kids should be able to find something to do to occupy themselves for at least a while. I usually try and engage my kids when they are genuinely bored. is great because they can have fun while getting some learning in as well. It’s actually a great website for the whole family. I’ve even gotten really good at Gobs of Bubbles! Sometimes I sit down and read with them, although the older they get the less popular this becomes. Other times we take the dogs for a walk. I’ll even play video games once in a while. When Dad is home he can toss the football with the boys and even have a tea party with our little girl. It doesn’t really matter how old they are or what they want to do, sometimes kids just want some undivided attention from mom and dad, whether they admit it or not. If all else fails and they are still bored then I know it’s time to get out the chores list.

At the end of the day, I know I am blessed with three great kids. The school year is so complex with school, family nights, and sports, just to name a few. It’s nice to look forward to summer when I can spend time with my kids without having to rush around. All I really do is focus on my family and keep things simple. It’s really about the time I spend, not the money, and the less boredom I hear about the better. While the end of the school year can be a really great thing, I take comfort that the start of a new school year is just around the corner.


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