The Me! Tent is where you’ll find your Profile Page. Your Profile Page is an awesome way to see all the coins you’ve won and how much you have to spend in Katville at You can also view your highest mobile game scores and see where you rank compared to LKW players all over the world!

Keep snapping those crazy pictures in Lucky’s Funhouse Photos! Under LK World Activities in your Profile Page, you’ll be able to look at all the pictures you’ve saved! And yes! This is the same Profile Page from the Lucky Kat World website so you’ll also be able to see all your achievements, high scores and what continents you’ve unlocked on the LK Cruise Ship Adventure.

When you tap on the Me! Tent, you might be asked to login again to view your Profile Page. That’s because you have to connect to using the Internet in order to download and see all your latest information. If you don’t want to take the time to login again right then, you can always look at your Profile Page anytime you have Wi-Fi or you can also view it by clicking Me! when you’re playing on the website.

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