• Make a video using LK4 and upload it to LK!
    LK Club Members
  • Star in Your Own Commercial

    Try something fun! Star in your own commercial! If you like to pretend or act, try making a commercial about one of your favorite things or even something you made yourself!
  • Safety First!

    When you make your video, it’s important to remember that you should not reveal any personal information about yourself, your school or where you live.
  • Use LK4 to make your video - it's easy!

    Dream It!
    Use your imagination and dream up an idea for your video!
    Believe It!
    Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it. Think positive and believe that you can!
    Plan It!
    Try writing down a step by step plan on a piece of paper.
    Do It!
    Start with the first thing on your list and follow your plan step by step until your video is complete.
  • Upload Your Video

    • Click on the "Upload your Video" tab on LK.

    • Tell us about your LK4 and give your video a title.

    • You will need to ask your parent or guardian to help you decide who should be able to watch your video.

    • Your choices are:
      • Password Protected – you and your parents will decide who can have your password so they can see your video
      • Members Only – only people who are Lucky Kat Club Members can see your video
      • Public Video – Anyone can watch your video
  • Technical Information

    Important information for the person helping you upload your video

    • Videos should be no more than 300MB or two minutes in length

    • Acceptable video formats: MVI, AVI, MPG, MOV, FLV, WMV, HD-S

  • LK's Good Citizenship Guidelines

    Videos should be:

    • Positive - Stories should have a positive message
    • Respectful - No swearing or bad language
    • Kind - No mean acts towards other people or animals
    • Safe - Stories should be about things that are safe for everyone

    We can't wait to see your videos!

    We'll post your videos on LK as long as they follow LK's Good Citizenship Guidelines. If we can't post your video because of technical or legal reasons or because you have revealed personal information, we'll send you an email to let you know how you can change your video so we can post it.

    See you on LK!

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