Create Your Own

Create Your Own

Build your own Katville Virtual World!

You can build entire communities in Katville! You can build and customize an ice island, a tropical island, a desert island, a candy island and so much more! Every time you unlock another continent on your S.S. Courage Cruise Ship Adventure, you’ll unlock that continent store in the Katco Mall.

Island 1

For example, if you unlock Africa on the cruise ship, you will unlock the Africa store in the Katco Mall. Then you can build an entire island that looks like Africa!

You don’t have to be an LK Club Member to earn LK Coins but you do have to be a member to spend them.

Island 2

You will receive one Katville island when you create a Lucky Kat World account! The first time you visit Katville, you’ll be able to choose your free island. After that, you’ll need to be an LK Club member to buy more items in the Katco Mall. As an LK Club member, you can build as many islands as you want! You can even name your islands!

Island 3