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abuse To use something in the wrong way
alcohol You must be at least 21 years old to drink this
appetite A physical desire for food
apple A fruit with red skin
assess "This word represents the ""A"" in D.A.R.E."
attitude A good or bad state of mind
avocado A fruit used to make Guacamole
awareness Understanding what is going on around you at all times
banana Monkeys eat these
barbecue You grill food on this
believe To accept something as true or real
blueberry This fruit helps boost your immune system
brain You use this to think
breakfast The most important meal of the day
breath It gets smelly when you smoke
broccoli A vegetable that looks like a tree
buddy "A ""system"" where you have partner or team member with you"
bully Someone who picks on other kids
butterfly Beautiful flying insect
cafeteria Where you buy food at school
cantaloupe An orange melon
carrot Bugs Bunny eats this
cat Some people say it has 9 lives
caterpillar Turns into a butterfly
celery Green crunchy vegetable that grows in stalks
cereal You eat this with milk
champion Someone who wins first place in a competition
change To transform from one thing to another
chicken It lays eggs we eat
choices D.A.R.E. helps you make the right ones
cigarettes These are made from tobacco and are bad for your health
classroom A place in school where you learn things
commitment When you make a pledge to another person or yourself
community A group of people living in the same area or having common interests
concentrate When you have to think hard you need to do this
confidence Feeling good about yourself and having good self-esteem
cooperation Working together
corn A vegetable that pops
crime You commit this when you break the law
cucumber A raw pickle
danger Exposed to harm or risk
define "This word represents the ""D"" in D.A.R.E."
dessert Something sweet to eat after dinner
detention Where you go when you've been bad at school
different Not like anyone else
dinosaur "Large, extinct animals"
do To perform a task
doctor You visit this person when you are sick
dog Man's best friend
dolphin Jumps and plays in the ocean
dove A Bird that symbolizes peace
dragon A make-believe animal that breathes fire
dream You do this at night when you sleep
duck Swims in a pond
eagle America's symbol of freedom
education You go to school to get this
eel A fish that can generate electricity
elephant Has a trunk
emergency A serious situation that’s needs immediate action
evaluate "This word represents the ""E"" in D.A.R.E."
excuse An explanation for something you did wrong
family All the members of a household
father A male parent
feelings They get hurt when someone verbally bullies you
finish To complete something
firefly "Its nickname is ""lightning bug"""
fireman A person who puts out fires
fish Lives in water
flag Betsy Ross made the first one to represent the United States
follower Someone that does what other people do
friend Someone you play with and like a lot
fruit A healthy snack
gang Groups of young people whose members take part in illegal activities
goals You must have these to succeed
goodwill An attitude of kindness or friendliness
gossip Talking about a person behind their back
graduation You get a diploma at this event
grandma Your Mom or Dad's mother
grandpa Your Mom or Dad's father
grape This fruit grows on vines
habit A pattern of behavior when you do something over and over again.
happy Opposite of sad
hat This protects your head from the sun
healthy Good for you
heart The pump in your body that keeps your blood flowing
hobby An activity or interest someone does for pleasure
Honest Someone that does not lie is what?
horse Cowboys ride this
hummingbird This bird can flap its wings up to 90 times per second
illegal Against the law
instructor Someone who teaches
kangaroo This animal likes to box
law It's what police officers enforce
leader Someone who guides other people
learn To gain knowledge
lemon A sour fruit
lettuce A leafy vegetable
lion Daren
love A deep tender feeling of emotion
medicine You take this to get better when you're sick
memory You remember with this
mile "There are 5,280 feet in this"
milk This liquid makes your bones strong
mosquito An insect that sucks your blood
mother A female parent
motivation You need this when you want to get a project done
mouse Lives in the wall and likes cheese
mozzarella A type of cheese
neighborhood The area you live in
nicotine A powerful substance in tobacco that causes addiction
no The answer you give when someone offers you drugs
nonverbal Bullying someone without saying a word
nurse A person who helps a doctor
nuts Healthy snacks that grow in shells
onion A food that makes you cry
orange A citrus fruit
panda This animal comes from China
parrot A tropical bird
pasta This comes in shapes like elbows and bow ties
peach A fuzzy fruit
peanuts Elephants eat these
penguin This bird looks like it's wearing a tuxedo
permission When a trusted adult gives you the OK to do something
pet An animal you love that lives with you
pharmacy This is a place that sells medicine
physical Type of Bullying when someone hits or shoves another person
pineapple A fruit that grows in Hawaii
plan You must have this in order to accomplish your goals
policeman Someone who protects you
popsicle Frozen colored ice that comes on a stick
positive The opposite of negative
potato A vegetable that grows underground
power "A person, group or nation having great influence over others"
prescription A doctor gives you this so you can order medicine
pressure "Kids can feel this from their family, friends and peers"
pretzel A twisted snack
principal The head of your school
program It's what DARE sets up in your school
protect When you guard something or someone from harm
pumpkin A fruit that some people carve at Halloween
rabbit Likes to eat carrots
rainbow Appears after it rains
raisin A sweet dried grape
recess Play time at school
respond "This word represents the ""R"" in D.A.R.E."
responsible Being accountable for your actions
risk The possibility of suffering harm or loss
rooster A bird that wakes you up in the morning
safety Freedom from danger or injury
salad A dish of raw vegetables mixed together
salty Opposite of sweet
school Where you go to receive an education
sharing When you give half of your candy bar to your best friend
shark A Carnivorous Fish
sheep This animal gives wool
skunk This animal has a white stripe
snack Food eaten in between meals
snake Animal that has no legs
spider Has eight legs
spinach This made Popeye strong!
sports Activities and recreation with rules and competition
squirrel "Likes nuts, lives in trees"
stop What you do when the light turns red
stranger Someone you don’t know
strawberry A red berry that grows from a white flower
stress Deep breathing or talking to a parent or friend will help relieve this
student Someone who goes to school
success "Dream, Believe, Plan, Do equals what?"
sun This gives the earth light
hippopotamus A big animal that lives in the rivers of Africa
swan Bird with a long slender neck
tadpole A baby frog
tarantula "A big, hairy spider"
teacher Someone who instructs you at school
team A group of people playing a game who are on the same side
teenager A person between the ages of 13 and 19
teeth These can get cavities
temper You need to control this when you get really upset
thanksgiving Turkey day in the United States
think To formulate in the mind by reasoning or reflecting on something
tiger An animal with black stripes that comes from Asia
toad An amphibian with no tail
tobacco Cigarettes are made out of this
tomato A fruit that many people think is a vegetable
tortoise Reptile with a hard shell
trust When you depend on or have confidence in someone
tuna Fish that you often buy in a can
turkey Gobble Gobble
verbal Type of Bullying when someone makes fun of another person
violence Physically harmful
vulture This bird eats dead animals
walrus A sea animal with ivory tusks
water You should drink this everyday
watermelon A large fruit that grows on a vine
whale The biggest mammal in the ocean
wolf Howls at the moon
woodpecker This bird likes to drill holes in trees
worm Often used as bait when fishing
yam Another word for sweet potato
zebra Animal with black and white stripes

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