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  • Explore all of Katalina Island!
  • Check out the arcade and play lots of cool games like Surf Katz, Bubble Blast,The Skydiving Game and more!
  • Visit D.A.R.E. Headquarters and check out the latest D.A.R.E. Activities
  • Drop by Ali's Tree house where you can color and read books!
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  • Watch the LK video channels and see what kids are doing around the world!

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Hey Kids! Become an explorer and travel around the world with Lucky & Lexie! You'll get to visit cool new places, help save the planet and earn Lucky Kats coins to spend on anything you want. You can even create your own island!

Here are some of the cool things you get to do if you become a Lucky Kat Club member!

  • Climb aboard my "World is Your Oyster" Cruise Ship and explore the 7 continents of the world! The cruise ship is filled with fun games and activities!
  • Learn Lucky Kat's "4 Steps to Success", also known as Six Sigma for Kids!
  • Become a Global Ambassador!
  • Play games and win coins on Lucky Kat Pier!
  • Upload your own videos to LK!
  • Spend your Lucky Kat coins in KATCO, Lucky's virtual store!
  • Use your coins to buy your own island!
  • Build your own house! It can even be a tree house!
  • Fill your house with furniture and decorations!
  • Create your own Wild Life Refuge with animals from around the world!

You'll even receive 10 Bonus Lucky Kat Coins just for joining!

Be sure to talk to you parents first and have them look at my website so they know it's safe AND fun! You can upgrade your free play to a membership, anytime!