It's been hard at times for me to be home. I need some sort of goal. While things like writing a book and speaking here and there are great it's so different from what I have been doing for so long. I'm sure I'll come up with some new project. I have been taking a look at some of the classes that I need to graduate and believe it or not I've even been thinking a bit about college. It pretty exciting to think about, but a little daunting as well. High school and college are a far cry from sailing.

Zac took his boat up to Channel Islands Harbor today. There is a boat show there this weekend and it happens to be right around the one year anniversary of Zac's trip. It is called the Ventura County Boat Show. So, we're all pretty excited about that.

The collaborator for my book is here to meet the family and me and to discuss some things about the book so we can get started soon. They are planning to have us finish the book quickly. I may even be able to get it done before school starts which will be nice because I am going to have to take a few extra classes to catch up.

My friend and team member, Bill Bennett, flew my little brother, Toby, and I up to Monterey a few days ago. A lot of people say that flying is like sailing. I don't really see much of a similarity. I did get some good pictures and have a fun time.

We had lunch, checked out the Monterey Bay Aquarium before heading home. It was a nice flight, but of course my camera memory card was full right as the sun started to go down. All in all it was a very fun day.