Before I go into everything we've done today, I'd just like to send a BIG congratulations to Jesse Watson! She has done an absolutely amazing job and while to be perfectly honest, I am a little envious, she deserves the record. She sailed around the world, alone, non-stop, and unassisted. I know how difficult that is to achieve. I can understand that you need to be fair to the last person to break the record and respect the fact that they followed certain guide lines. But in my book, Jessica Watson is the youngest person to ever sail around the world, and she should be given the credit she is due. It is hard to watch someone else accomplish what you have dreamed of for years and to be thinking, if I had only done this or that things may have turned out differently. But things are the way they are. Records, whether they are on paper or not, are made to be broken and it most likely will be one day, but Jesse is amazing, what she did is amazing, and that will never change no matter who holds the record.

Well, back to the work down on the dock today. I went up the mast earlier this morning to take some pictures but when I got down I found that it hadn't been working right so a friend went up with his camera and took a few. I'll try to get them up later. I'll probably go up the mast again later today. I keep looking for excuses to go up and taking pictures seems to be a good one, so I will get you guys some pictures!

I will describe the autopilot repairs in a few days. They have been installed in a new location but still need a few test sails to calibrate them. There are so many different variables with them that I will wait until the job is finished to explain everything.

I have gone through all the gear on the boat and cleaned it all up. And I now have two new water proof cameras so you guys shouldn't have to go with out pictures again! :)

Well, back to the dock!